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About agoicon

Together. Towards. Tomorrow.

Date: 6-8th December 2024
Location : CROWNE PLAZA , Kochi
Theme : "Together Towards Tomorrow"

Dear Esteemed Members and Colleagues,

We are extremely delighted to unveil AGOICON 2024 ! Set to be an enlightening and collaborative event , this conference aims to foster innovation, share insights and advance excellence in the field of gynaecologic oncology.

Join us as we gather the brightest minds, pioneering researchers and dedicated practitioners to explore cutting-edge treatments , breakthrough research and best practices in gynaecologic oncology.

Stay tuned for further details regarding keynote speakers & panel discussions. Let's come together to make a profound impact on women's health across India.

Looking forward to meeting you all in God's Own Country

Warm Regards,
Organising Committee,
AGOICON 2024, Kerala

Organising Committee
Dr. Chitrathara. K
Organising Chairperson
Dr. Rema. P
Organising Chairperson
Dr. Sanam. P
Organising Secretary
Dr. Anupama. S
Organising Secretary


31st Annual conference of the association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India (AGOI )

6-8th December 2024
Crowne Plaza , Kochi

AGOICON 2024/December 6,7,8 Crowne Plaza , Kochi AGOICON 2024/December 6,7,8 Crowne Plaza , Kochi AGOICON 2024/December 6,7,8 Crowne Plaza , Kochi

Travel &

Arranging travel and accommodation for the upcoming conference is a pivotal step in ensuring a smooth and productive experience. Begin by searching convenient transportation options to and from the venue, considering factors like flight availability, travel time, and potential transportation from the airport. Simultaneously, explore nearby hotels to secure comfortable and accessible lodging during the conference days.

It is advisable to book accommodations well in advance to secure favorable rates and guarantee availability. By meticulously planning your travel and accommodation, you pave the way for a focused and stress-free participation in the conference, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the enriching sessions and networking opportunities.

Contact us

Agoicon 2024 Crowne Plaza,
Kochi, Kerala.
Email: info@agoicon2024.com
Call us: +91 98 46 356 666,
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